Our Story

Animal House Productions is a music, arts, and community events production company based on the east coast in the United States. Founded in 2012, owned and operated by the creative visionary, Ryan Gabriel Davis in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Ryan Davis’s ethos is founded in the living arts, community engagement, energy, and creative expression. Davis began launching concerts under the name “Animal House” in 2013. The company name was inspired by the movie, “National Lampoon's Animal House” by the American director, John Landis. Davis says, "I just liked the craziness. Every scene in that movie changes so rapidly. I feel like that's what we'll always be."

Animal House’s event coordinating and booking primarily takes place in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We extend booking to Slab City, a self-reliant, off-grid, alternative living community located in the desert of Southern California. Animal House believes music and art engage communities to come together, collaborate and co-exist in spaces. We curate events in various venues and spaces with the goals and intent of drawing diverse crowds and fostering connections between attendees, artists, and community. We are focused on working and creating platforms with artists that are womxn, people of color, members of the queer community and other marginalized groups on our line-ups. Our pursuit is to make those populations feel welcomed, at home, present, heard, and know that their participation is vital and valued. Our booking practices are very selective but are not limited to genres due to we believe if we limit ourselves, we miss out on many opportunities. We wholeheartedly believe that every artist we work with is talented and destined for greatness.

Animal House consists as their own entity and we are not affiliated or represented by the spaces we work in. We are actively working towards building a HOME in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. We hope to provide our community with a venue space that reflects all that we value and offer the artist’s needs in the future. Animal House is continuously striving to form more creative, positive, colorful, open-minded atmospheres through the power of art and music because we believe that performance, dance, and art can heal you. We are constantly changing, forming, and evolving. That being said, you’ll never figure us out.

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