Animal House does not have an official home, yet! We work in various venues and spaces in Lancaster and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Each calendar listing, event page, or poster will list the address correlated for each event. Just read event details for the concert you're attending and you'll find everything you need to know!
Slab City, California concerts take place at The Range. Which is located at 887 Beal Rd, Niland, California 92257. 

Our concerts range from all-ages, 18+, 21+ depending on the show and/or venue. Some artists are suited for over 18+/21+ audience and sometimes the only availability with venues we work within are at 21+ venues. We do our best to have most of our shows be all-ages for our guests. If alcohol is being served or there is an age restriction for a particular event, a proper ID must be presented with you upon entry. Acceptable forms of identification include an existing passport, driver's license, military ID card or other current government-issued ID.

"What kind of artists do you work with?"
We work with any genre and only the talented.

"How can I book my band on an Animal House show?"
Please clarify if you would like to book a specific date with us or if you would like to submit your band for upcoming show opportunities. Please read our booking/submission info before contacting us. We would like to personally respond to all emails but the volume of inquiries received sometimes prevents us from doing so. We are very specific on what we represent and present. Our selection process is pretty simple, if we like your band and we are available, we will work with you.
Weddings and Private Events?
Certainly! From small gatherings to incredible weddings to corporate parties, we can work with you to find the right live band or DJ to compliment your event for you and your guests. See our private events page for more info.

How can I play The Range in Slab City?
Please read this before sending us an inquiry: Slab City is split between two seasons winter (October 31st to April 15th) and summer (April 15th to October 31st). We only book concerts in the winter months so please send us inquiries for those specific months (seriously and only!) We do not make any guarantees between artists or have a general admission for Slab City Concerts. Concerts are off a donation basis and are split between house and band if a profit is made. Yes, we are responding to your emails and booking events at The Range under a labor of love because we are honored to do so. If you're playing the Slabs, you're choosing the experience over anything. If your inquiry is accepted please be prepared to bring your own food, water, toilet paper, and a drinking cup upon entering Slab City. Slab City has no official electricity, running water, sewers, toilets or trash pickup service. Please pack it in and pack it out! Artists will get a house meal at the bar at The Range, (hamburger-joint-kind of food). The Range is an open-air nightclub complete with stage, lights, amplifiers, and speakers.
If you are camping over night, we suggest you bring camping supplies or be prepared to sleep in your vehicle. There is nothing like the Slabs and we highly suggest you take 2, 3, 4 days to stay in the Slabs and explore the communities. Booking info can be found, here.

"Why can't we play The Slabs in the summer months?"  
Because Slab City's population goes from 2,000 in the winter to less than 200 people in summer months. The Range is an outside venue and temperatures can exceed up to 120 degrees the summer months and we're not going to have artists or attendees risk their lives for a performance due to weather. 

"Is The Range, Slab City the same stage where parts of Into The Wild was filmed?"
Yes. 14 minutes of Sean Penn's “Into The Wild,” movie a true story based on the Jon Krakauer novel (of the same name) about a young vagrant named Christopher McCandless was filmed in the Slabs. In the middle of his soul-searching journey, Christopher stopped at Salvation Mountain and Slab City, two famously eclectic landmarks in the Sonoran Desert of California with scenes taking place at The Range. Actors Emile Hirsch and Kristen Stewart performed on the venue's stage. You can further research any curiosities by Googling or asking Slabbers upon visiting.