Happy Pride Month! We have officially released Lancaster Pride's 2019 Festival line-up!


Happy Pride Month! We have officially released Lancaster Pride's 2019 Festival line-up on Lancaster Pride's Facebook!

It is such an honor to work with the following acts in this years line-up! We spent months and many, many nights down the queer rabbit hole researching LGBT+ artists. Precisely and consciously creating a line-up representing each acronym in the LGBTQIA+ community! It is extremely important to us to give the mic to womxn on any stage we work on. We are so proud to bring trans womxn and trans womxn of color, queer people of color to the front of this stage at Clipper Magazine Stadium. Thank you Lancaster Pride for trusting and allowing Animal House to have complete creative control on this build and design for the festival layout in itself! Bliss bliss! 
Proudly presenting music, drag, and entertainment performances by Andrea GibsonSateenKahmor VixenntubafreshAnthony BrunoHEXXA �Full BushAngelica KartiérDJ Ecliptic, DJ ShewülfNevaeha Le'VixennLyncs, DJ, Code Freeze, Karma Sutura, Effervesccene, and many more!

>> Tickets are On-sale Now! <<

Lancaster Pride - Saturday, July 20th, 2019 
12-6 PM at Clipper Magazine Stadium

Event info: https://www.facebook.com/events/2290565924497996/


Photography by Zac Evans

Photography by Zac Evans

We are now accepting local artist submissions looking to be placed or considered as a festival opener for Lancaster PA Pride 2019 Festival at Clipper Magazine Stadium! Please read details and submission requirements before submitting via the link below. Thank you for your interest!



Look who's batter up for Pride Celebrity Bartender!

Pictured: Ryan Gabriel Davis, Founder of Animal House Productions

Pictured: Ryan Gabriel Davis, Founder of Animal House Productions

Look who's batter up for Lancaster Pride Celebrity Bartender this year! Ryan Davis from Animal House will be swinging your drinks, we mean slinging you drinks at Max's Eatery this Wednesday!

Pictured (Left to Right): Xavier Garcia-Molina, Lee Cohen, Ryan Gabriel Davis

Pictured (Left to Right): Xavier Garcia-Molina, Lee Cohen, Ryan Gabriel Davis

Come out May 15th from 5 to 8 PM! Go smooth talk his ear off and slip him your 1's, 5's, 10's, 20's. Baby, we'll even take your 100's! Every tip you give these beautiful faces goes towards fundraising the Lancaster PA Pride 2019 Festival! Xoxo

Max's Eatery: 38 W King St, Lancaster, PA (downtown)
More info: www.facebook.com/events/295385224719171

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Throwback Thursday - Meeting with the Mayor!


We set up a meeting w/ Mayor Sorace of Lancaster City in March to give one last fight on the Southern Market Building, we submitted a proposal for in September 2018! Let us tell you, things got freaky & spiritual in the Mayor's Office!

We opened up our meeting w/ Mayor Sorace tasting our homemade delicious maple syrup & an oracle reading (written & illustrated by local artist @wildwomanawakens) drawing on the intention of what our relationship will be & how we will come and co-exist together. We drew a Swan.


The Southern Market Proposal was a project Animal House & Lost Sugar Disco, LLC. spent 14 months working on. It was all we ate, breathed, and dreamed last year. We placed 2nd in building concepts out of four submissions/businesses with the City of Lancaster, PA Government. It is something I am very proud of! It was one of the hardest, strenuous things I've ever done in my life! Now, I can write business plans in my sleep! It was also a fight I continued to fight for even after we were told we weren't chosen. My business partner would say, "Why are you still fighting?" I would reply, "My heart says so." I thought about the S.Market every day that I woke up this past year & it haunted me in such a spiritual manner that I chose to follow the rabbit hole of the unknown until I sat in front of Mayor Sorace. Which is where I voiced my opinion on the buildings intended use & the demand in the art market - a current a major gap and an economic problem in Lancaster.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 4.36.58 PM.png

I spoke about my dreams of building a venue for the performing arts & music scene, the longevity that would come with a community-oriented center, and the current scarcity in our city for it.

I believe I was heard by Mayor Sorace. She relayed I had a lot of tenacity showing up there. And I absolutely do. I believe your dreams are worth fighting for. I believe most things that are life-soul changing, that are worth doing will be harder, longer paths. And I believe in following them. Sometimes I close my eyes and walk on, some days I have no idea what I'm doing but I listen to my heart. I surrendered myself in front of the Mayor to the Universe & I let go of the Southern Market that day. We are still looking for a place to call Home.


Wild Woman Awakens - Swan Card Meaning: The Swan symbolizes grace and tranquility teaching us to follow our feminine intuition. It is the awakening and opening of self. Reminding us to go with the flow of life. Those who carry the Swan spirit have the power to see what awaits ahead. It is time to surrender yourself to the Universe and trust that all will balance itself out again.

Just Announced! Andrea Gibson to perform at Lancaster PA Pride Festival 2019!

Photography by @cocotakemyfoto

Photography by @cocotakemyfoto

We are so thrilled to announce that Andrea Gibson will be one of our headliners at Lancaster PA Pride Festival this summer! Performing at Clipper Magazine Stadium - Saturday, July 20th, 2019! Ticketing coming soon!

Andrea Gibson, one of the most celebrated and successful poets in the field began their career in 1999 with a break-up poem at an open mic in Boulder, Colorado. Gibson then leaped into the forefront of spoken word poetry on the national scene in 2008 when they won the first-ever Woman of the World Poetry Slam. Author of three collections of poetry and currently working on an illustrated collection of their most memorable quotes for Penguin (Winter 2018), Andrea (they/them/their) has also released seven (7) full-length albums.


Animal House Releases a Series of Self-Defense Workshops for Womxn & the LGBTQIA+ Community!

Pictured Kristine Smith of  Fitness Inspired Tactical Training

Pictured Kristine Smith of Fitness Inspired Tactical Training

Animal House releases a series of personal safety, self-defense workshops, and firearm instruction training in Lancaster City dedicated to womxn and the LGBTQIA+ community - coming this May and June 2019 to a studio near you! View our calendar listings for more info regarding these workshops and training, here.

Ryan Gabriel Davis (founder of Animal House Productions) will be hosting affordable self-defense and situational awareness workshops in Lancaster City in safe, inclusive, comfortable environments at studios and centers in the area. Davis was inspired to create and provide these workshops to those that identify as womxn, those whose identity includes womxn, femmes, and those womxn-aligned and members of the LGBTQIA+ community after having friends and family members recently personally experience frightening situations in Uber pickups and grocery stores where their personal safety was a concern.
Davis encourages members of his community to participate in furthering educating themselves on situational awareness by learning tips on how to keep yourself safe in your day to day living and by practicing tactical skills to feel more confident, empowered, and prepared with the ability to protect yourself against a physical attacker if such situations arise.
Davis will be working with Kristine Smith of Fitness Inspired Tactical Training. Fitness Inspired Tactical Training is a female-led tactical training by founder and instructor Kristine Smith. F.I.T.T. is the only training environment in the Lancaster area that is 100% focused on tactical awareness and self-defense. We’re here to equip you to respond INSTINCTIVELY, QUICKLY and DECISIVELY when it matters most. You can read more about Kristine Smith (self-defense trainer) below! We hope to see you at one or all of these workshops! Thank you for investing in yourself!



Kristine Smith was born and raised in NYC. Kristine studied at St. Johns University and obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice. Upon completion of her degree, Kristine worked in various roles in private security as well as one of the most prestigious international law firms in New York. However, it had been her lifelong goal to become part of the NYPD and she was honored to be accepted into the New York City Police Academy.

Kristine graduated from the NYPD Police Academy in the top ten percent of her class of 1,100 graduates. She was assigned to the 9th precinct in the lower east side of Manhattan, where she served in several capacities, many of them in special operations.

Following retirement from the police force, Kristine and her family relocated to Lancaster, PA, where she has been an active member of the martial arts community for several years. Kristine recently earned her 2nd Dan Black Belt under Grand Master Nam and Master Cuascut.

Beyond martial arts training, Kristine is on a mission to empower women with the confidence and skills they need to avoid dangerous situations and act to defend themselves when the need arises.

>> View our calendar listings for more info regarding these workshops and training, here.

womxnssdtraining (1).png
womxnsfirearms (2).png
lgbtfirearms final.png

View our calendar listings for more info regarding these workshops and training, here.

Our Place Podcast: Season Finale Episode w/ Animal House!


Our Place Podcast

Season Finale Episode w/ Animal House!

Animal House participated in their first podcast ever (link below) with Our Place Podcast this weekend! It was quite fun! It was also Our Place Podcast's season finale episode! Aren't we lucky ducks?!

You can find out who is headlining Lancaster PA Pride this year by listening!

Our Place: A podcast where young people talk about their talent and their perspective on culture.
Listen to Our Place Season Finale Episode w/ Animal House Now: 

Today we introduce you to Ryan, our Venue and Entertainment Committee Chair of Lancaster PA Pride!


Today we introduce you to Ryan, our Venue and Entertainment Committee Chair of Lancaster PA Pride! Ryan Gabriel Davis is an events coordinator, music promoter and creative visionary from Lancaster, Pennsylvania as well as owner and company founder of Animal House Productions. He can usually be found in one of two places: a forest or a concert. Ryan’s ethos is founded in the living arts, community engagement, energy, and creative expression.


Ryan strives to work with artists in the queer community, women, people of color and other marginalized groups and bringing them to stages in Central Pennsylvania. His pursuit is to make those populations feel welcome, at home, present, heard, and know that their participation is vital and valued. He believes music and art engage the communities to come together, collaborate and co-exist in spaces with the goals and intent of drawing diverse crowds and fostering connections between attendees, artists, and community. He encourages and aims to form more creative, positive, colorful, open-minded atmospheres through the power of music and art because he believes that performance, dance, and art can heal you.

We're so excited to have Ryan on board! - Lancaster, PA Pride

Just Announced: Dance Party + Elevated Vibes: 030919


We just announced our Opening Night Dance Party of Animal House Productions + Lost Sugar Disco, LLC. Consent Conference Weekend - Saturday, March 9th at Station One Center for the Arts! One sexy, electronic dance party to play the night away! >>
Offering you elevated vibes and entertainment by SRSQ of San Francisco + DJ Shoyei of Lancaster :: Elixirs and CBD refreshments by Ellister's Elixirs :: Consent Kissing Booth by Tifani Truelove :: Art Gallery curated by Madeleine Diet Rich

See our calendar listing for event details or check out our Facebook Event Page: www.facebook.com/events/239049693705437/


A Love Letter to Lancaster: Cultural Consent Conference - Coming March 2019

A Love Letter to Lancaster: YES! NO! Animal House Productions and Lost Sugar Disco, LLC. present the Cultural Consent Conference in Downtown Lancaster! Facilitated and Hosted by Emma Kaywin of House of YES.
The Cultural Consent Conference takes place over three days: March 9-11th, and showcases four events to expand your thinking on consent and relationship in everyday life, going out and business!

Join us at one or all four to learn and play your way through creating a supportive and sustainable community where we can all feel free to have fun and be safe! These workshops are free to the public! See event details below:


3/9: Workshop #1: Consent 101 & Bystander Intervention Training at Station One Center for the Arts | More info: www.facebook.com/events/1107975216071061

3/9: Culture Consent Conference Opening Night Party: SRSQ + Shoyei + Elixirs + Vibes @ SOCA | More info: Stay tuned. Event details coming soon.

3/10: Workshop #2: Consent and Safety Planning for Professionals at Tellus360 | More info: www.facebook.com/events/2095905090486860

3/11: Workshop #3: All You Ever Wanted To Know About Consent atLancaster Public Library | More info:www.facebook.com/events/2514065185274606