Catching Up with Jessica Lea Mayfield

By Shawn Christ of Fly After 5


Jessica Lea Mayfield

Photograph by Ebru Yildiz

Jessica Lea Mayfield is losing track of days. It's understandable though, the Ohio singer-songwriter is traveling from Charlotte, N.C., to Nashville, Tenn., during a small solo jaunt when she checks in with Fly, apologizing briefly for not remembering that she had an interview to do. She's also in the middle of buying a new house with her husband and bassist, Jesse Newport, and unfortunately missed the inspection. However, Mayfield sounds completely at home on the six-hour road trip.

After all, she's been doing this music thing for a long time.

"It's a lot easier when you don't have a ton of shows," she says about her solo run, which brings her to Tellus360 in Lancaster this month. "I've also been wanting to drive around the country by myself a little bit," she says. "It's a little lonely, but kind of nice."

Shawn Christ: How old were you when you got into the industry?

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Well, when I started [playing music] with my parents, I was eight. I started writing and playing shows by myself when I was 11. I was 15 when I really started hitting it hard.

SC: So by age 15, you already had all of this experience.

JLM: It's the only thing I've ever done. I didn't go to school. I've never been to a high school. The only thing I do have experience in is being a touring musician. Which kind of makes me feel like an alien or something.
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