Catch Drug Church, Spill and Chalmers at the Chameleon Club tonight

By Kevin Stairiker of Fly After 5

Photography by Reid Haithcock

Photography by Reid Haithcock

I could describe the sound of Drug Church to you, but their own description is much better than I could do: "Drug Church is the sound garbage makes when thrown off a roof into a dumpster your dickhead boss rented for your underpaying contractor gig." The alternative hardcore band will be blowing the roof off of the Chameleon Club tonight. Joining them on the bill is Spill, who just announced a new album, so look forward to hearing songs from "Top Ten." Rounding out the night is Lancaster favorites Chalmers. Reacquaint yourself with the bands below and check out the show at 6 p.m. Tickets are $10.

Drug Church - Bagged (Official Music Video)