We Were There: Coping Skills and a host of indie pop at Fruition Collective

By Kevin Stairiker of Fly After 5

Photography by Anna Ladd

Photography by Anna Ladd

In Michelle Johnsen's photo exhibit "Celestial Bodies," starscapes are projected onto nude models as a way to show the connection between the soul and the cosmos. The collection went up at Fruition Collective last Friday the 13th, but it was still up for display for last night's Coping Skills show. It served both as a way to herd show goers into the middle of the room while also providing an otherworldly vibe for a night of various degrees of indie pop.

Sometimes, even when bands play a lot, as Tigers + Thieves do, it's easy to miss them. Case-in-point: I last saw them for the Mellowells release show last year, around when their EP, "You Can't Have Everything," was coming out. Just in that year and change, the band has grown leaps and bounds musically into an awesome hybrid of indie rock and synth pop. They delivered a spirited take on their new single, "Charminar," making it nearly impossible for people to avoid moving. 
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Coping Skills bringing relatable content to Fruition Collective on Tuesday

By Kevin Stairiker of Fly After 5


Coping Skills

Photography by Megan Kelly

With the release of last year's "Relatable Web Content," Coping Skills earned a small swath on the Technicolor dream quilt that is the vibrant Philadelphia music scene. For that reason, we're grateful that they'll be traversing the perilous I-76 up to us tomorrow, Oct. 17, for a show at Fruition Collective. 

They'll be in good company for the show, as Goodfight, a power pop band from New York City will be joining them. Three-quarters of the Mellowells have been playing as Sun Not Yellow a lot recently, but they'll be making that fraction whole again, alongside Tigers + Thieves, as local support. If you like to jangle and potentially get a little jangle-y, this is your show.

Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets can be found here.