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Ivy Trippin' with Waxahatchee

By Kevin Stairiker of Fly After 5

Photography by Jesse Riggins

Photography by Jesse Riggins

Katie Crutchfield has been playing music under a variety of different monikers for most of her life but struck it the biggest as Waxahatchee. Her most recent album, last year's "Ivy Tripp," led to her signing with arguably the biggest indie label around, Merge Records, and exposed her to a much wider audience. To wit, her last time in Lancaster was a house show in a small kitchen near Franklin & Marshall College and some four years later, she'll be playing a packed Chameleon Club on June 22. We talked to Katie about her new Superchunk bosses, covering Jessica Simpson and what her favorite tracks from "The Life of Pablo" are.

Kevin Stairiker: Is there a huge difference between playing house shows and the bigger venues you've been playing recently?

Katie Crutchfield: It felt manageable [to book those house shows] at the time, and it's been very gradual. I've played house shows and booked my own tours in bands before Waxahatchee, so I did that for years and years and years. I see bands now that start, and then two weeks later they have a booking agent and then a month later they're doing this or that. Everything happens slowly for me, it feels like [laughs]. I like doing both, I mean, being in a DIY band is a lot of work. It's all a lot of work, but booking your own tour is a lot of work. So I feel really grateful that I have someone that can do it for me now.

KS: Are you glad to be at that point now where you don't have to stress or do you miss it?

KC: Towards the end of my band P.S. Eliot and booking my own tours for Waxahatchee, there were a lot of really good people out there that I trusted that had booked some life-changing shows for me in the past. Obviously, there will always be that off town or the off area where you never have that luck, and that's true still. I'm glad now because I have a whole laundry list of responsibilities as the band grows. It's a lot more work for me now, so I can't imagine booking the tour on top of that. Both have their merits, so I'm glad that I got to experience that.

KS: Do you see yourself ever going back to playing house shows?

KC: Yeah, I definitely think so. I mean, I go to punk shows all the time to see my friends play, so I still kind of get to have both of those experiences. Those are the shows that I enjoy going to.
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Waxahatchee will be performing at the Chameleon Club at 6.p.m, Wednesday, June 22