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Written by Jenelle Janci of Lancaster Online


Eight years ago, Ryan Davis booked his first concert — at age 13.
When headliner Dr. Acula took the stage at a fire hall in Strasburg, an altercation broke out between two audience members.
This wasn’t the pushing and shoving that those who venture into mosh pits expect to encounter at a show. A full-on fistfight ensued, and Davis started to panic. The band stopped playing...
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Animal House Shows hosts last event of 2015

By Mike Andrelczyck of Fly After 5


to perform at Animal House's holiday show 2015

Animal House Shows brought so many great acts to Central PA in 2015, but they're not quite done spreading good cheer throughout the area. On Tuesday, December 29, Animal House Shows presents a holiday event fundraiser benefiting The Water Street Mission and the Boys and Girls Club of Lancaster at Tellus360 in Lancaster.

The show features performances by Akron, Ohio-based screamo punks CityCop along with Take One Car, Navigator and Narrow/Arrow. Doors open at 6 p.m. and tickets cost $10 or $8 with a donation. Suggested items to donate are: winter coats, gloves, hats, blankets, canned goods, baby products, feminine hygiene products, educational toys, gift cards to local businesses and school supplies. For a full list of items check out the Animal House Facebook page. Does Animal House Shows ever get tired of being so awesome? Guess not.


Catching Up with Jessica Lea Mayfield

By Shawn Christ of Fly After 5


Jessica Lea Mayfield

Photograph by Ebru Yildiz

Jessica Lea Mayfield is losing track of days. It's understandable though, the Ohio singer-songwriter is traveling from Charlotte, N.C., to Nashville, Tenn., during a small solo jaunt when she checks in with Fly, apologizing briefly for not remembering that she had an interview to do. She's also in the middle of buying a new house with her husband and bassist, Jesse Newport, and unfortunately missed the inspection. However, Mayfield sounds completely at home on the six-hour road trip.

After all, she's been doing this music thing for a long time.

"It's a lot easier when you don't have a ton of shows," she says about her solo run, which brings her to Tellus360 in Lancaster this month. "I've also been wanting to drive around the country by myself a little bit," she says. "It's a little lonely, but kind of nice."

Shawn Christ: How old were you when you got into the industry?

Jessica Lea Mayfield: Well, when I started [playing music] with my parents, I was eight. I started writing and playing shows by myself when I was 11. I was 15 when I really started hitting it hard.

SC: So by age 15, you already had all of this experience.

JLM: It's the only thing I've ever done. I didn't go to school. I've never been to a high school. The only thing I do have experience in is being a touring musician. Which kind of makes me feel like an alien or something.
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