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All Four Lancaster to present free live music in all 4 Lancaster city quadrants

By Jenelle Janci of Lancaster Online

Pictured Tuck Ryan  Photography by Michael Ryan

Pictured Tuck Ryan
Photography by Michael Ryan

Schroeder brought up the idea of porch fests, where attendees walk to several houses in the city featuring performers playing on front porches.
That was the bud that blossomed into All Four Lancaster Music Festival, which will bring live music to all four quadrants of Lancaster city on Saturday. The free, walking tour/music festival is rain or shine. All Four Lancaster is part of the week of arts programming leading up to the Governor’s Awards for the Arts in Pennsylvania, which will be presented Thursday.
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We Were There: Lincka hosts a Kaleidoscope dance party

By Kevin Stairiker of Fly After 5

Photography by Nathan Poppe

Photography by Nathan Poppe

Let this sink in - last week, Lincka played at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C., and this week, they played at the Kaleidescope. Never let anyone tell you cool things aren't happening in Lancaster. The four-piece, drums/saxophone/xylophone/sampler/seven-string guitar group was a force from the jump, with frontwoman Lincka Elizondo commanding the microphone. Throughout the night, she'd sing and rap both in English and Spanish, sometimes all in one song. A theme throughout their music was feeling at place in America, which was hyper pertinent on this Tuesday night for sickeningdisgusting and obvious reasons. One song featured a rallying hook of "Made in Mexico, born in the United States." These messages of inclusiveness were delivered in the most accessible ways possible - through immaculately dance-y indie pop songs, which the room had no choice but to dance to. The combination of live instrumentation with samples and drum machines is a very quick way into our heart.
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