Throwback Thursday - Meeting with the Mayor!


We set up a meeting w/ Mayor Sorace of Lancaster City in March to give one last fight on the Southern Market Building, we submitted a proposal for in September 2018! Let us tell you, things got freaky & spiritual in the Mayor's Office!

We opened up our meeting w/ Mayor Sorace tasting our homemade delicious maple syrup & an oracle reading (written & illustrated by local artist @wildwomanawakens) drawing on the intention of what our relationship will be & how we will come and co-exist together. We drew a Swan.


The Southern Market Proposal was a project Animal House & Lost Sugar Disco, LLC. spent 14 months working on. It was all we ate, breathed, and dreamed last year. We placed 2nd in building concepts out of four submissions/businesses with the City of Lancaster, PA Government. It is something I am very proud of! It was one of the hardest, strenuous things I've ever done in my life! Now, I can write business plans in my sleep! It was also a fight I continued to fight for even after we were told we weren't chosen. My business partner would say, "Why are you still fighting?" I would reply, "My heart says so." I thought about the S.Market every day that I woke up this past year & it haunted me in such a spiritual manner that I chose to follow the rabbit hole of the unknown until I sat in front of Mayor Sorace. Which is where I voiced my opinion on the buildings intended use & the demand in the art market - a current a major gap and an economic problem in Lancaster.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 4.36.58 PM.png

I spoke about my dreams of building a venue for the performing arts & music scene, the longevity that would come with a community-oriented center, and the current scarcity in our city for it.

I believe I was heard by Mayor Sorace. She relayed I had a lot of tenacity showing up there. And I absolutely do. I believe your dreams are worth fighting for. I believe most things that are life-soul changing, that are worth doing will be harder, longer paths. And I believe in following them. Sometimes I close my eyes and walk on, some days I have no idea what I'm doing but I listen to my heart. I surrendered myself in front of the Mayor to the Universe & I let go of the Southern Market that day. We are still looking for a place to call Home.


Wild Woman Awakens - Swan Card Meaning: The Swan symbolizes grace and tranquility teaching us to follow our feminine intuition. It is the awakening and opening of self. Reminding us to go with the flow of life. Those who carry the Swan spirit have the power to see what awaits ahead. It is time to surrender yourself to the Universe and trust that all will balance itself out again.

We collected 1,037 Arts & Entertainment surveys in Central, Pennsylvania!

Photography by Michelle Johnsen

Photography by Michelle Johnsen

We are pleased to announce we officially collected 1,037 Arts & Entertainment surveys from our Central, Pennsylvania community! 
WOAH! We made this survey publicly available online and distributed 600 physical copies in the cities of Harrisburg, York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania! We had a percentage of 52.81% male, 41.20% female and 5.99% non-binary individuals take this survey and we find that number absolutely INCREDIBLE! 
We learned a lot about marketing, ourselves as individual companies (Animal House ProductionsLost Sugar Disco, LLC.), what we can be better at and most importantly our community’s thoughts, needs, and desires.
We have been going to bed and waking up every day looking at pie charts and bar graphs and we’re glad to say this collection has ended! We are SO, SO THANKFUL for EVERYONE that participated in this survey! Your input was so VITAL and IMPORTANT to us and extremely VALUED! Thank you to our team that went out into the streets and distributed/collected surveys. You are ANGELS!

Animal House & Lost Sugar Disco Company have exciting news to share with the community of Lancaster, Pennsylvania and we absolutely can’t wait to present our vision to you! For now, follow us on the social media to see where things progress and always work towards making YOUR DREAMS, YOUR REALITY in YOUR LIFE.