Consent Culture Workshop Coming to Lancaster!

Kenny Rodriguez Photography  Aerialist: Francois Voranger — at  House of YES .

Kenny Rodriguez Photography
Aerialist: Francois Voranger — at House of YES.

We can't wait to host Emma Kaywin! Consent Guardian and Trainer at the dopest club in Brooklyn - House of YES! Emma can help show us the way to party safely and con-sensually, learn how to deal rejection on the dance floor and play in a space where EVERYONE IS HAVING FUN! Sounds amazing right?! We are here for it!

Get ready for a three day immersive workshop weekend coming up in Lancaster, PA hosted by Animal House Productions and Lost Sugar Disco, LLC.! Where you can attend one or all student focused, business owner focused or general party goer focused workshops where you can learn to be a #1 party go-er or host! 
EVERYONE will want to invite you to their parties and love your sexy consensual behavior! Dates coming soon!!


'Slop-pop' duo Diet Cig prides itself on honesty

By Jenelle Janci of Lancaster Online



Photography by Emily Quirk

“I am taking it as a good thing, that I am honest about who I am,” Luciano says. The self-described “slop-pop” duo Diet Cig will perform Saturday at the Chameleon Club’s Lizard Lounge.

The astrological description is fitting for 21-year-old Luciano, who has never shied away from being honest in her music. Her first single with Bowman as Diet Cig, “Scene Sick,” criticized the New Paltz, New York, music scene from which the band was birthed.

“I just felt like everyone was so cool, and no one wanted to dance and be stupid,” Luciano says. “That’s all I really wanted to do at shows. I was pretty frustrated with the fact that it just felt like everyone was trying really hard to appear a certain way.”

Luciano never felt the urge to cross her arms and silently head bob at shows. She went so far as to interrupt a band’s set once just to ask a member for a lighter.

That member was Bowman. He handed her a wine bottle instead, and the pair fostered a friendship after that night.
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